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Kestrel Wind Turbine e160i,e230i,e300i & e400N


Generating your own renewable power is low maintenance as routine maintenance is largely based on visual assessments. Maintenance schedules are designed to suit the local, respective, wind area and power class. With a maximum instantaneous power rating of 700W, annual energy harvests can exceed 2600kWh. Energy may be harvested at any wind speed above the cut-in speed and rated output is maintained at any wind speed exceeding the rated wind speed through rotor turbulence. Energy output is intrinsically linked to regional wind distribution, topology and altitude as well as tower height. Potential energy harvest is estimated using an average wind speed in order to tailor the most suitable Kestrel wind system to your electrical need.


  • Boost solar & other renewable energy installations increasing productivity, reliability & cost effectiveness.
  • Grid tie applications using approved inverters to reduce energy costs.
  • Power for energy requirements where there is no connection to the national grid.
  • Generate dedicated power for signage eliminating high operating costs.
  • Suitable as an educational tool, demonstrating renewable energy generation.
  • Adaptable to meeting many specific electrical needs.

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