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Kapa Portable 1kw Solar PV Storage Inverter.

Kapa Energy is a pure sine wave inverter with a built-in 100Ah battery and solar charge controller. This is easy to use high-performance inverter that has a dual AC output connection and ports for 12V devices. For additional energy storage, the inverter has a connection for a second 100Ah battery that can be connected in parallel, and where there is no grid available, connection for solar panels.


Main Features

  • Excellent performance because of double CPU intelligent control.
  • Mains mode and battery mode can be set.
  • Controlled by smart fan that is safer and more reliable.
  • Pure sine wave AC output, which is able to adapt to various types of load.
  • LCD display device parameters in real time, showing you the running state.
  • All kinds of automatic protection and alarm of output overload and short circuit.
  • 5VDC-USB output and 12VDC output port are convenient and practical for users.
  • Inverter’s overcharge protection and overdischarge protection for a longer battery life.
  • Intelligent solar controller with overcharge protection, overdischarge protection and limiting charge protection.

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