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Longi Solar-Longi LR5-72HPH-555M


  • Based on M10 wafer,best choice for ultra-large power plants.
  • Advanced module technology,delivers advanced module efficiency.
  • M10 Galium Doped Wafer.
  • Integrated Segement Ribbons.
  • 9-busbar Half-Cut Cell.
  • Excellent outdoor power generation performance.
  • High Module Quality Ensures Long Term Reliability.
  • MBB (Multi Busbar) Technology Bringing More BOS Savings.
  • High Power Output.
  • PID Resistant.
  • Excellent IAM And Low Light Performance.
  • Severe Weather Resilience,Resistant To Salt, Acid And Ammonia,Certified To 5400 Pa Positive Load And 2400 Pa Negative Load.
  • Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions.
  • Product Warranty-12 Years.
  • Power Warranty-15 Years Of 91.2% Output Power.
  • 25 Years of 84.8% Output Power.
  • 25 Years Warranty For Extra Power Linear Power Output.

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