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ACDB Earth/Neutral Box 25A

ACDB Earth/Neutral Box 25A


The Earth Neutral Bridge Box is an essential component for the safe operation of back up and hybrid solar systems up to 5kWAC Back up port power rating

The function is replacing the earth neutral bridge that is exists when normal power is supplied from the utility.

The ACDB-ARENB-25A automatically creates a temporary earth/neutral bridge when inverter goes to back up mode due to loss of grid, thus avoiding the forming of earth ground loops

Once the backup or hybrid inverter goes into back up mode and disconnects from the utility the existing bridge is lost. This has two side effects that require attention:

  1. When a measurement is taken between the Earth and Neutral Conductor on the backup output circuit and elevated neutral voltage is measured.
  2. With the Earth/Neutral bridge, any earth leakage device connected in the output circuit does not function correctly

It is essential this ACDB-ARENB-25A is installed between the inverter backup out and the output distribution DB.

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