Shaks Solar Energy offers full time monitoring services on our energy implement,thus ensuring peace of mind for the client and being able to provide full callout services at any time, day or night during the year.

We offer cross platform monitoring solutions for energy management.

  1. AC Conditioning monitoring
  2. Generator monitoring.
  3. DC Monitoring
  4. Battery Monitoring
  5. UPS Monitoring
  6. Inverter Monitoring
  7. Cooling Systems Monitoring

Full pre-monitoring services offered to ensure that the system provided is sized appropriately for the energy consumed.

  1. Evaluation of daily energy consumption.
  2. Daily report with actual usage of energy.
  3. Weekly reports.
  4. Full tracking and analysis of energy movement.

Post monitoring service offered to ensure that your system is functioning optimally at all times and any preventative or corrective maintenance is provided timeously.

  1. Monitoring services provided through full Service Level Agreements(SLA).First month free monitoring and free callouts (limited to 3).
  2. Remote login to facilities to maintain the system to ensure no failures occur.
  3. Full monthly reports provided to the client to ensure that the system outlook is defined optimally.
  4. Detailed explanation of energy usage,savings and surplus.