• Professional Solar & Energy Solution Designs
    1. First level consultation.
    2. Upfront Energy monitoring
    3. Evaluation of system model required
    4. Reassessment of current energy & electrical system.
  • Consultation
    1. Ensuring client understands what is being offered and if any limitations are present.
    2. Full evaluation of current system versus expected system.
    3. Understanding the difference between Off Grid,Hybrid & Grid Tied solutions.
  • Product Optimisation
    1. Ensuring that the system provided is designed as optimally as possible to provide as much energy.
    2. Maximising battery capacities to ensure that the system backup time compensates equivocally.
    3. Ensuring that the system integrity is highly reliable.
  • Energy Solutions for Residential & Commercial
    1. Solving residential energy solutions.
    2. Solving existing energy/solar problems and design.
    3. Solving commercial energy/solar problems.
  • Energy Monitoring
    1. Pre-monitoring to ensure that the correct design capacity system is provided.
    2. Post monitoring to ensure that the system is fully maintained 24/7/365(6)